Brand Management

Brand Management

Brand Management also referred to as brand marketing is our strongest point. Seeing as we are based in Johannesburg, the only option is to become familiar with the most effective and viable marketing techniques, strategies and campaigns. Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies we have come up with for our clients regardless of location:

Pop-Up Store/Showcase Exhibition

These have been proven to be one of the top marketing strategies for companies and brands that are looking to showcase and show off their great products. What would be a better way to do this than in front of a large crowd within an upscale location, whether it be a mall, festival, shopping center or even a unique and outside the box location.

Product Launch Events

We believe that the future of marketing is digital, but we must admit. Nothing compares to a good product/service launch event. This brings together the entirety of your target market under one roof, and “first impressions go a long way” so why not give them a change to be wowed by the beautiful nature of witnessing a great launch in person, and interacting with your brand face to face!

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Social Media is constantly growing at a rapid rate. In order for us to help you refrain from falling behind we are constantly studying and adapting to the changes and social media trends. Whilst also keeping up with the latest content creation techniques, ranging from filming Instagram reels, capturing those ‘post worthy’ social media images, and even Instagram feed curation.

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